Altar Boy (2022)
Feature Film

Distributed by Mongrel Media
Dir. Serville Poblette
Director of Photography: David T. Nguyen

Format RED Epic Dragon 6K
Lenses Zeiss Super Speeds Mk III

A truly warm-hearted first-time feature by Serville Poblete captures all the tentativeness and joy that comes with a first true-love experience. Daniel Garcia is a shy, 11th-grade Filipino-Canadian teen. He loves basketball but has to deal with an overbearing, overprotective and deeply religious mother, even as he tries to navigate the treacherous shoals of high school. He develops a bad crush on outgoing student Summer Stevens, but many pitfalls block their way, from petty crime, unexpected tragedy and parental expectations.

Everyone who was ever young will be able to relate to this coming-of-age charmer.


”Filipino-Canadian filmmaker Serville Poblete dreamed of making a film one day together with his friend. They turned this into reality when they finished Altar Boy, Serville’s first feature-length film that recently had its world premiere at this year’s Whistler Film Festival (WFF).”


”I really appreciated that this film also shed a light on a mother-son relationship. It might be specific to the Filipino culture but I enjoyed that this film tried to break stereotypes and that some Asian mothers don’t fall under a certain box.”